Erik the Viking

My final year degree project centred around children’s illustration: writing and illustrating my own short story, combining (historical) factual elements with a lively narrative: my overall aim for a career path!

This resulted in a full dummy concept that was put on show, both locally and at the 2014 New Designers show. Below are some of the development and final artworks which also feature in my physical portfolio.

All artwork and story rights © Carina Roberts/AutumnHobbit.

Erik painted watermarked
Some early expression sketches while studying muscles of the face, painted digitally, to understand the colours that might be visible in Erik’s face. (I decided he also need a more ruddy complexion.)
Erik modelsheet watermarked
Erik’s model sheet (a selection of expressions and poses, used for reference for drawing him throughout the story, but also adapted as a final framed piece for my graduate show. (See ‘Shows and Exhibitions’, 2014)
Erik costume colours watermarked
A colour test sheet for Erik’s costume, before the tunic was lengthened. (Based on several historical elements- all Viking, some Danish and Swedish influences, along with the armour or mail worn by Viking sailors and huscarls)
Erik blog ice final
“Between two worlds- Erik’s journey” A test artwork of one of my favourite spreads from the story. Inks, coloured pencil, Photoshop. (Artwork and story copyright © Carina Roberts/AutumnHobbit)
Erik p29 and 30 watermarked
“Welcome Home Erik” Complete pencil artwork for the final double page spread, featured in my mockup book of Erik’s tale. (One of those developed into an original watercolour painting, please see ‘Shows and Exhibitions’ for the mounted and framed result.)
Erik Cover watermarked
Cover artwork used for my mockup book of Erik’s tale. (Inks, photoshop.)