Hello there! You’ve found the home of Carina Roberts Illustration, where I share insights into my life as a working artist and illustrator. How do you do?

Marloes Seals (Gaussian Blur) © 2018 Carina Roberts Illustration

You can click the headers above to discover my current portfolios, a section dedicated to
the highlights of my career as an illustrator (Accolades and Achievements) and of course, my blog! I write about lots of different topics- some delving into more detail about projects I’ve recently been working on, techniques and subjects I’ve been exploring; others are about the research that inspires my artwork (which, since I live in Britain and am hugely inspired by the natural world, often includes battling the elements while drawing from life!)

I work mostly in traditional media (gouache layered with graphite or coloured pencil) although I do work digitally to edit and prepare my work for purpose using Adobe Suite programs – namely Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign. My practice is mostly focused within the children’s book and greetings card markets- I have also enjoyed working on a couple of public engagement projects (the latest being a trail for Colby Woodland Garden, a National Trust property in Pembrokeshire earlier in 2020.) Above all, I love being able to inspire a little spark of my love for nature in others!

I graduated from Swansea Metropolitan University (Now UWTSD, or the University of Wales Trinity St. David) in 2014 with a 2:1 in Illustration – and developed a keen interest in how nature and creativity affect young children one year later when I took a part-time job working in a nursery.

The zeal of the little people I’ve had the privilege to spend time with has helped to inspire my passion for telling stories- both fiction and non-fiction- about the fauna, the flora and the places that can be found when you take a step outside your front door.

For any enquiries, please contact me at:

E: carinarobertsillustration@yahoo.co.uk

You can also find me on social media:

Instagram: carinarobertsillustration

F: http://www.facebook.com/CarinaRobertsIllustration

T: http://www.twitter.com/RobertstheRed

Browse some of my favourite greetings card designs at: 


See my portfolio at Artsthread.com:


All content © Copyright Carina Roberts/ AutumnHobbit.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I feel very lucky to have found you on FB today. I so appreciate your transparency of process. I am working with my grandchildren this summer and illusration and art will be one of those project. They both love books and we always read the illustrators name. Showing them how “someone else does it” keeps down the “icant’s” They always want to be perfect so we will be making some messes. I came to you through Forest Schools and adding illustration to a nature walk is great for notetaking. Thanks again and I look forward to visiting you on the webs this summer.

    1. Hello Betsy!! This message made me a little misty eyed, thankyou so much for getting in touch!! I know that feeling of wanting to be perfect all too well- maybe that’s why I’m drawn to Forest School, it’s a safe place to make mistakes!! Your grandchildren sound very lucky to have you!! Thankyou very much for taking the time to look at my work, I’m in the process of writing all about the nature inspired projects I’ve been working on so I do hope you’ll enjoy those!! Have a wonderful summer!! Carina x

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