Current Portfolio- Children’s Book Illustration

* If you are visiting this month please bear with me as I update this part of the site with some exciting new projects!*


On this page you can find a smörgåsbord of highlights from the projects I’ve worked on within children’s illustration markets over the past few years!

I LOVE illustrating for picture books and visitor trails- with animals being among my main inspirations, I’ve also been looking to do more to join up with the education and conservation sectors in the work that I make; to help raise a generation who is as enchanted with the natural world as me!

Have a scoot and a click around below to read more about my portfolio pieces, and thankyou for visiting!!

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“Odi the Parrot” – a character design sheet for a story about big feelings!
© 2021 Carina Roberts Illustration

Notes from Nature” (2020) – Beginning as a spirit-lifter during lockdown to share and delight in some of the more unusual natural world knowledge I’ve picked up from working with young children, Notes from Nature has been evolving over the past couple of months into a project aimed at publishers and outdoor educators keen to encourage curiosity and delight for what lies in the wilds of our gardens, in the thickets of leafy forests and along the teeming shorelines of the beach.

Left: “Ffion Frog” – Part of a project commissioned by the National Trust, Ffion Frog was one of the five animal characters I designed for Colby Woodland Gardens’ “Step Into Spring” trail in February 2020. She and her friends appeared on boards hidden around the Pembrokeshire property, ready for visitors to discover!

Right: “Treasure” – Sequential development drawings for a book project about the unique wildlife community of Skokholm Island! © 2020 Carina Roberts Illustration

Seal Song (2019) –A non-fiction mini book/leaflet project about the life’s journey of a young seal! Designed for North Somerset Arts Week 2019.

Development and character design paintings from a personal wordless picture book project currently in the making!

“The Island” (2018) – Cover design (left) and “The Sneeze” spread design (right) for “The Island” – my longlisted 2018 entry to the Templar Design and Illustration Competition!