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* 2020- A new piece coming soon!!

This little section of the blog is designed to share some stories with you lovely readers, and to encourage me to seek out new inspiration every month: each piece is written by yours truly!

Please help me in my quest to bring the joy of storytelling back to EVERYONE, adults and children alike: and each time I release something new, find someone to read it to! It could be a significant other, a family member or a friend: just get cosy with a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and take some time to spend reading to them.

– The AutumnHobbit.

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This little poem is from a collection of illustrated segments I’ve been working on in the few spare minutes I have at the end of the day, based around the many inhabitants and occurrences of a fictional town. 



Kingdom crop signed

The Song of a Stray

In thick wisps of fog, he’s out and about

Through showers and downpours he’ll slink

He weathers all weathers outside and alone

In the cracks between places people miss in a blink.


… But it’s warm sunny mornings like this one today

That Frank the Orphan likes best

He pads over miles of crumbling tiles

To his favourite spot, for a rest.


He’ll sit with his rear on a sun-warmed roof

With the view sprawling miles this clear day

He’ll sigh to himself, Lord of All in Sight

And thank every star that made him this way.



© The Autumn Hobbit/Carina Roberts Illustration