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Vår: The coming of Spring!

Hello kind readers, and the happiest of Easters to you all!

It’s the warmest day of the year so far today, and aren’t we glad to have the warmth of the sun back after what feels like an age! On my walk this morning I closed my eyes for just a second to take a deep breath, and the scent of green freshness, spring flowers and sunshine is well and truly in the air! (Just try it, even if you’re on your way to work at a job you don’t like much, I guarantee it will make you smile!) It’s amazing how much difference a little warmth can make to everyone’s mood: every single person I walked past today beamed at me and wished me a “Good Morning”- it’s days like this that we live for!

I thought I’d start this post with a little follow-up on the topics I covered in March’s blog: when I get excited about new projects that are starting I sometimes forget to tie up the ones that came before!

First, a quick, but very positive note about the Twitter Art Exhibit some of you might remember me mentioning a couple of times since Christmas. This is an exhibition of postcard-sized artwork, held in a different location each year, to raise money for different charities. This year it was held in Moss, Norway, to raise money for Home-Start Moss, a charity which offers support to the young families residing in Norway that need it most. The exhibition had lots of coverage all over, but particularly in Norway, where it even had a short five minute slot on the national news! The latest update I read stated that they had raised 35.050NOK (Norwegian Krone) , translating to a whopping $4368!!

As well as this obvious success for the exhibition itself, I celebrated a personal victory, as my postcard, titled “North Star”, sold! In fact, I included a screenshot of the original tweet below from the founder of the exhibition informing me that my card sold to a “lovely family in Moss with small children”. I actually had a little cry when I first read this. The first year after uni is always the toughest, I was warned, and while lots of good things have been happening since I graduated, I’ve always had that little niggle at the back of my mind saying the “What Ifs?” – the what if I sink as an illustrator? What if no-one actually will want my work? What if I can’t support myself by doing the thing I love (and not be able to prove everyone who said it’d be too hard, or not a viable career, wrong?)

It was a small step, but a huge thing for me to receive this message. It proved that I really do have a potential audience, and people really do want my work… and, most importantly, a piece of my artwork has brought happiness to a family, who now have a postcard-sized artwork of a little polar bear in their house somewhere. The main reason I wanted to become an illustrator was to bring a touch of magic and happiness to children and parents alike, and I’m doing it! Slowly, granted… but I can do it! 🙂

David Sandum tweet

A quick update on Portishead’s North Somerset Arts exhibition, too:

I mentioned last time that the North Somerset Arts Week strives to highlight creatives in the region, a celebration of all their hard work and the beautiful things they make, and that our dates would be the 1st to the 10th of May.

I can happily confirm after our last meeting that the brochures for the event have now been printed!! The cover looks like this (particularly helpful if you’re local and were hoping to grab one and check out some of the things that are happening, this is what it looks like) :

NSA brochure cover 2015

(You can pick one up in most shops in the North Somerset area- just ask for a North Somerset Arts catalogue!)

We also have a page just for our Portishead group, “St. Peter’s” (named after the church we’re holding our exhibition in) – we’ll have a bit of everything in our show, as we all practice different mediums: everything from photography to ceramics, jewellery to painting and illustration, so it should be really interesting! (Avid readers might notice a certain Skogkatt three images along!)

NSA brochure Portishead cluster

This show is approaching fast, and we’re all getting really excited! We have a facebook page for our little group too: https://www.facebook.com/NSAWPortishead2015 – please take a little look, perhaps give us a like, and watch out for beautiful artistic updates! From me: here’s a little snippet of one of the new paintings I’m working on for this show, based on the character of Curlyshanks, a huge Newfoundland dog!

Newfoundland sketches for NSA signed for blog

Sketches for NSA signed
Final painting sketched out, accompanied by some preparatory sketches!

Previous readers might remember me mentioning a local gallery I’ve got some work in at the moment, called the Blue Room. I’ve been beavering away on some new things to take in there (mainly prints next time- I’ll update you next month on my progress with cutting window mounts, hopefully I’ll have mastered it!)

Here’s a little example of one of my greetings card artworks that are now stocked at the Blue Room, a little sparrow fellow:

Little Sparrow bird for blog signed

They’re mostly all like this, a very small original painting, dried thoroughly then framed in the window of a card which folds three times. (The window is cut in the middle ‘panel’ of the card, and the panel on the left is folded in and stuck down to protect the painting inside, while the right panel is left swinging free, to let the buyer write their personalised message inside!)

Bird cards image 1

Eagle-eyed spotters might have seen the new greetings card artwork portfolio link in the tab at the top- keep an eye on this, it’s filling up! I’m hoping to send some of these designs off to some companies in due course to see if there’s any interest from them too. Organising them for you readers first will put me in a much easier position when it comes to choosing which pieces to send them!

As for the next month, most of my time will be taken up by these three ventures. However, as I may have mentioned before in brief, I’ll be attending the book fair at Olympia next week, and will be taking an Erik-related portfolio along with me… Here’s hoping I can put myself one step closer to achieving one of my dreams, to illustrate children’s books!

Thankyou, as always, to everyone who reads and looks at my progress- I couldn’t do it without your support!! Keep your eyes peeled on the blog over the next few months, as in my “spare time” (haha!) I’m planning to open an online shop where you’ll be able to buy artwork, prints, cards, and other handmade delights: I’ll post up details as soon as it’s finalised!

– The AutumnHobbit

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The month of new sprouts: Spring is on its way!

Hello again lovely readers!

Spring is most definitely on its way! It may only be February, but I’ve already  seen a good many snowdrops, and indeed daffodil shoots, forcing their way through these heavy frosts we’ve been having… There’s a lot to be said for their fierce determination to show the world a bit of cheerful colour! (We aren’t all that different in that sentiment!)

Apologies for a late post, but this New Year has been extremely busy so far! As I mentioned in my previous post, plans are still underway to journey to London with the boys (Erik and Siggi) in April … more about that as it unfolds!

Tomorrow shall be the first meeting for North Somerset Arts Week for our little group too, the first where the whole company will meet together to discuss our little exhibition we’ll be holding in Portishead, which will be rather exciting too! (This isn’t until May, but of course, that gives me more of a chance to drum up some support and excitement on your parts!)

A little more about this, to begin with: North Somerset Arts Week (or NSA) will run from the 1st to the 10th of May 2015. It is an event designed to showcase and celebrate art and artists across the county. Many people participate: alone to invite people into their places of work for “open studio” insights into their methods, or in groups, to organise exhibitions and small shows (sometimes with events woven into them, like live painting.) We’ll be organising a small exhibition with artwork available to buy direct on the day, (and since we should all be having a go at invidulating,  offering a chance to chat with all the artists who created the beautiful articles too!)  – If you’re in the Southwest of England during that time, be sure to come and have a look around, it’s going to be great! Come March, there will be a catalogue available to give more of an idea of what will be on offer and where- I will keep you posted!

But first, to the here and now: what have I been up to that’s made me so busy?

Firstly, I followed up just after Christmas with a gallery/shop in Nailsea called the Blue Room to enquire about space in the New Year. Following the excellent news that a bit of room was available, and a successful meeting with the owner, I will now be exhibiting there for a minimum of four months. I took in my first two paintings on Thursday of last week, one of which was sold on Saturday morning! I’m working on some new bits and bobs to take in over the next week or two (more originals, mounted prints and cards) – let’s just hope they all continue to sell like hot cakes!

Dawn Bear for blog watermarked
“Dawn Bear”- My original watercolour, currently displayed in Nailsea’s Blue Room gallery.
Freedom for blog watermarked
“Freedom” – The original watercolour Hare who skedaddled off to his new home after less than 48 hours! A huge thankyou to the delighted customer!

There’s loads more beautiful work talked about on the gallery’s Facebook page- take a look at: https://www.facebook.com/TheBlueRoomNailsea (you might even spot some of my new offerings on there!)

I also posted off my entry for the Twitter Art Exhibit today. It’s an exhibition of postcard-sized artwork held in Norway to raise money for Home-Start Moss, a charity which helps families with young children in need of support:

North Star for blog watermarked
“North Star”- Postcard-sized original watercolour, with silver embellishing powder round the edges for a little icy sparkle!

If you’re intrigued, just search TwitterArtExhibit on Facebook or Twitter to see some of the beautiful examples of artwork that have already been sent off and recieved (over 600 are expected!)

Last, but most certainly not least, is something that’s taking up a whole lot of time, but is still in its very early stages. It is picturebook related, but I’m trying not to get too excited about it as I’ll only be submitting a proposal at the beginning of March… but it’s a wonderful project, and could be INCREDIBLY exciting. More about that soon too (in the mean-time, much nose-tapping, and furious scribbling on my part!)

Thankyou once more for reading, and supporting me in my solo flights into illustration! I hope all of your new years are proving to be bright and sunny, in weather and in attitude! Perhaps, as I do, next time you see a daffodil, you might think about its cheerful, bouncy outlook on life… It’s not as showy as say, a rose: but it seems all the more beautiful for heralding the first big cheer of springtime, for being unabashedly HAPPY.

After all, if we were all able to devote a little more time to smiling in our own little patch of sunshine, couldn’t the world be like the first day of spring every day?

– The AutumnHobbit

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